Happy Healing Home Refuge Ranch formerly Christ Life Evangelical Ministries

The anointing lives in us, so with HIS power & authority, we go about doing good and healing all who are oppressed by the devil
because God is in us.

 Yard Sale & Bake Sale

Keep watching for updates on fundraiser events.


Quote from previous food distribution:

"Another story that has been retold, time and time again, happened on the last day, when the children were being bused back home.  On this particular day, each child was given a box of food.  When the driver got to the last child’s house, there were two boxes of food remaining.  The child tried to refuse one of the boxes, because she thought it wasn’t right to take both, but the driver took them both into the house anyway.  The exterior of the house was shaped like a box and made out of particle board, with no paint, no finishing touches, and no nothing.  The girl was so embarrassed that she exclaimed, “I hate having an outside house”.  The driver thought that she was referring to the exterior of the house but soon discovered that she meant an “outhouse” or an outdoor toilet, because her mom was in the bathroom (outhouse), when they arrived.  But, even through all the embarrassment, the child was still so excited to get these boxes of food that she could not wait to open one of them, before the driver could leave.  With joy and excitement, she then exclaimed, “Cereal!  We never have cereal!… I love cereal!” 

The thrill and excitement that many families don’t see on Christmas Day, with a multitude of presents and thousands of dollars spent, was shown for a simple box of cereal!"

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