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We are anointed with the Holy Ghost and Power, we go about doing good and healing all who are oppressed of the devil, because God is in us.


Ministering in AR

Posted by Pamela Willhite on January 3, 2019 at 1:45 PM



10am How awesome it is to be a child of the king. Events of the day.


Met Susie @ Walmart Neighborhood Grocery. We were headed into the store to buy dog food. The temperature outside is roughly 30 degrees and there is a woman standing outside with her purchases. As I approach, I ask her if she needs a ride and she says yes, I've called a taxi but have been waiting here for an hour. I let her know that we would be happy to take her home. I tell her I'm just going in to get dog food but will be right out and will take her home. I turn to Daniel and ask him to turn up the seat in the van and help this woman with her packages. All three kiddos set to work to help Susie with her purchases. When I come out to the van I see that it is running and the temperature is nice and cozy and Susie is sitting in the front seat. What a blessing that my kids know what to do and how to handle people. I'm also glad to see that Daniel started the vehicle and turned on the heat because the poor woman was standing out side in a very light sweater, no coat or jacket. That will be changed right away.


We drove her home and all of us help take her things up for her. She lived in an apartment near us and got our contact information. I hope she contacts us and that she joins us for the weekly get together's that will start this Saturday. We were able to pray for her at her door.


12:30 Meet a older woman and her mother, I was meeting them to purchase farm fresh eggs. We met across from the hospital where the mother was to have testing done that day for something. The Holy Spirit ministered to the mother and healed her body. The daughter then asked if I would pray for her husband who has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time. I cast that devil out, prayed healing and for the body to function normal and know that, that man is fine.

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